Business Idea: Yearly Flower Subscription Service for Men

Most men buy flowers a few times a year. Why not make it easier with an automated and discounted floral subscription service?

GPS Dog Fence

Create a GPS enabled grid around your property that’s easier to setup and less expensive than traditional invisible dog fencing. READ

Ideas for OtterBox

3 ideas for OtterBox. Design your own case, There’s a box for that, and play Angry Birds WITH your phone. READ

Idea for Southwest Airlines: Sell Ads, Stay Cool

How to generate in-flight advertising revenue without losing your cool. READ

Product Idea: Kitchen Faucet with Built-In Measuring Cup

Why use a measuring cup? This faucet can dispense measured amounts of water on demand. READ

New Business Idea: Tech Cleaning / Tech Shine

A shoe shine type business which cleans phones, tablets and laptops. READ

Campaign Idea: Adopt an Ugly Dog

Campaign idea for rescue organizations to challenge people to adopt an ugly dog (or cat). READ

Idea for Airlines: Family Class Seating

Convert the last few rows on the planeĀ into a family friendly seating section. READ