Idea for Southwest Airlines: Sell Ads, Stay Cool

Keep ticket prices low despite high fuel prices and government fees by generating in-flight advertising revenue.

  • Campaign Idea #1: Sponsored in flight trivia question. The crew asks a trivia question over the intercom which is sponsored by an advertiser. The row which answers first correctly (by pressing the assistance/call button overhead or by simply raising their hands) wins a snack, some item of value, or the opportunity to exit the aircraft first upon landing. To add customer interest, the trivia question should be related to the flight’s destination city in some way.
  • Campaign Idea #2: Serve sponsored snacks and food. Food companies are constantly developing new products. Why not serve sponsored products in-flight instead of serving the generic peanuts and pretzels? Customers get free (and better) snacks. Food companies get access to hundreds of hungry passengers. Southwest generates revenue.
  • Campaign Idea #3: Tray table ads in the Southwest style.
    • Hey 3A, If your ride doesn’t show. Give us a call. – Hertz
    • Wow, look at all those tiny drivers down there that could be saving 15% on car insurance. – Geico
    • Um, we noticed your luggage. It has seen better days. Just sayin’. – Samsonite Luggage