Ideas for OtterBox

  • Product Enhancement: Create your own case design with printable inserts. Imagine a clear portion of the OtterBox case which opens and allows the end user to slide and snap in their own photos or design. This would allow customers to customize and change their case’s design as often as they like. Downloadable templates could be available for each case model to make this process easier for end users. To see how this could work, see do-it-yourself printable mugs.
  • Campaign: There’s a box for that. OtterBox “as seen on TV” spoof videos. Allow OtterBox fans to create their own spoof videos of “as seen on TV products”, replacing the product with the OtterBox case. This campaign unleashes the creativity of your fans in a fun and exciting way. The winner(s) win prizes, cases, etc.
    • Can OtterBox slice and dice?
    • Can OtterBox peel an onion without making you tear up?
    • Can OtterBox open jars?
    • Can OtterBox stop a leak?
    • Can OtterBox help you lift heavy objects?
    • Can OtterBox help you lose weight?

    YES! There’s a box for that!

  • Campaign: Play Angry Birds WITH your phone. Don’t play Angry Birds ON your phone…play Angry Birds WITH your phone in this real life Angry Birds game. Contestants step up to a slingshot, place their phone inside an OtterBox case, and then shoot their phone at green pigs. This is similar to the real life Angry Birds game by T-Mobile which received millions of views on YouTube, but with the added benefit of displaying the protective features of OtterBox cases.